Day 1: Monday 15-04-19

So I’ve registered for the Run Melbourne half marathon.

Big move.

I haven’t run more than a few kms since I don’t know when.

After running 3 half-marathons in 2017, one of which involved a personal best, I have been a lazy slob.

No excuses but in that time there has been the drama of consulting work, dealing with a 15 year old (won’t provide details but if you’ve had one you probably don’t really need them), then new job and a big loss in the family last year. Yep, my mum passed away last December and a great big hole has opened up in my life.

It’s been filled with crappy netflx TV ( as well as the very brilliant Afterlife by Ricky Gervais), Red Rock Deli Lime and Black Pepper Crisps and the odd bottle or 10 of Aldi’s South Point Estate Rose (at $4.99 a bottle it is highly recommended even if the great price does not offer the “think how much  money I’d save if I stopped with the junk food and wine thingy” stuff).

You know where this is going, right…an extra 4 kilos I didn’t want to have a relationship with, a deteriorating thing with a family I’d rather have a relationship with, and a feeling that the significant birthday I’m having this year is not going to be the celebration I was hoping for. Maybe champagne but no fizz…

And then enter my fabulous boss Adrian, accompanied by our equally fabulous “team performance coach” (from this point renamed “Harry the Hero”) and some other motivated Merricks team members, and suddenly I’m “forced” to enter this year’s Run Melbourne as a corporate fund raiser for the Murdock Children’s Research Institute.

Did you head my audible sigh of relief and thanks from where you where? Perhaps not. But it was huge.

So I’ve spent today – apart from working hard at the day job sort of stuff of course – setting up my fundraising page (more on that later), looking at gym memberships (think I’ve found the perfect balance), and getting my head around what the next 15 weeks might look like.

My fitness challenge started with a 3km walk/jog (mostly walk) along the Yarra. Tomorrow morning (after my 6:30ABC market update) I’ll be meeting Harry with the rest of the Merricks crew for our first training session.

You can check out my fund raising page here. Yes the photo is of me. 8 years ago on my first ever half marathon and a Run Melbourne one at that.

All donations appreciated – I already have one that’s not me so I’m super excited. Here’s my commitment – by starting this blog journey I’ve kinda made it public which means I have to follow through. Please help me be accountable by hassling me if I slacken off and following my progress. And donations will only help add to the guilt…I mean commitment.




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